Fun and easy-to-learn addictive strategy game where two players battle it out to take control of a 3D board without edges — hours of challenging entertainment.

Collect Stars, win Achievements, and score points to compete in Game Center’s leaderboard against your friends or the world.

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This exciting app features two single-player and three two-player games in one.

Single-player games

  • Story – 13 different characters, individual styles of play and five levels each
  • Ranked – 10 levels of increasingly fiendish difficulty

Two-player games

  • Shared Screen – two people play on the same device
  • Play Friend – play your friends over the Internet
  • Play Public – play against people from all over the world

This thrilling app includes a storyline single-player game with impressive graphics and music, plus different artificial intelligences with unique playing styles that start off easy but end up difficult.


Play against a series of 13 colourful characters as you work your way up to the big boss and discover the story of Vorble. Each character has an individual style of play and there are five difficulty levels for each.

This stimulating app has a brain-teasing single-player game that pits you against our toughest artificial intelligence opponent in ten incremental steps of difficulty


Play 10 increasingly challenging levels of fiendish difficulty to determine your rank in Vorble players.

This communal app has a two-player game that allows both players to share one iPhone or iPad to play a game of Vorble.

Shared Screen

Sharing one iPhone or iPad between two players to play four variations of Vorble: ‘Classic’, ‘Loaded’, ‘Speed’, or ‘Chaos’.

This social app has a two-player game that enables you to compete against your friends from Vorble, Game Center, Facebook, or Twitter. This game is also live chat enabled so you can type messages to your friends while playing the game.

Play Friend

Play four variations of Vorble against your friends over the internet: ‘Classic’, ‘Loaded’, ‘Speed’, or ‘Chaos’.

Includes live chat feature.

This community app has a two-player game that allows you to compete against the wider Internet community, not just your friends.

Play Public

Compete in a game of ‘Classic’ Vorble against a random opponent on the Internet.

View your results and watch replays here on vorble.com

Vorble has a low learning curve, the rules are very simple, and this instructional app has an interactive lesson in how to play the game, so simple that even kids can play and join the enjoyable experience.


Learn through an interactive presentation that quickly demonstrates how to play the game in the ‘Basics’ section and shows you tactics and strategies in the ‘Advanced’ section
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